Uber and Lyft drivers provide services that so many of us rely on every day to move through our lives. Will you stand with them?

You’ve probably taken dozens or hundreds of Uber and Lyft rides. You know how useful this service is, and you’ve likely talked with your drivers about their lives — their families, their days, maybe even their pay and their work life.

But did you know that drivers are sleeping in cars? Did you know that their rates have been cut and that they’re working close to 60-70 hour weeks? Did you know that drivers are suffering from a host of health problems associated with driving long periods of time — but that Uber and Lyft aren’t providing any health insurance?

As a rider, you’ve got lots of time to talk with your driver to learn about the issues they face at work and share your desire for change. The only way to make sure drivers get the rights all other working people have is to organize. Drivers are leading this movement, but by talking with your drivers, you can help it grow.

Taking an Uber or Lyft today?

Help build this movement — talk to your driver about Gig Workers Rising!

Uber and Lyft drivers are joining together to demand a living wage, transparency, benefits like disability and workers comp, and a voice on the job.

To find out more, go to gigworkersrising.org or scan this QR code:

Sign up with Gig Workers Rising

When you're taking an Uber or Lyft ride, ask your driver about their work, and let them know about Gig Workers Rising.

If they're interested in learning more or want to organize alongside other drivers, use this QR code to share the sign-up form.

Here are some conversation prompts and tips:

TIP: Start with general questions that allow drivers to share how they feel about the work issues they face.

RIDER: When did you start driving for Uber/Lyft? What are your hours like? What percentage of this ride will you get? How much does Uber/Lyft get? Why do Uber/Lyft take such a large chunk of the rate if you’re the one driving?

If drivers don’t know the rate breakdown, offer to review it with them when your ride ends.

TIP: React to what you are told and continue to ask questions. Let your drivers know that you see them and recognize their hard work and struggle.

RIDER: Who pays for gas and keeping the car clean? What happens if you get sick? How does this affect your family? Do you feel that you are compensated fairly for your work?

TIP: Make sure to identify who’s to blame — Uber and Lyft's corporate policies.

RIDER: Do you think these issues are going to fix themselves? Who’s able to improve things for drivers?

TIP: Connect drivers with Gig Workers Rising by letting them know that there are already drivers organizing. Share the QR code and let your driver know that you’ll give them a 5 star rating, regardless of whether or not they choose to sign up.

RIDER: I know lots of drivers are upset with Uber and Lyft. Would you be interested in talking with other drivers about these issues? I promise this won’t affect my rating, I just know drivers can change things if they work with each other. I can give you a QR code so you can get connected with other drivers working towards positive change with Gig Workers Rising.