Drivers, it's time to #DeleteUber.

Uber is cutting driver pay and demanding more control over how drivers work, while claiming that drivers are not employees.

We don't accept low pay with no say. CA drivers are calling for fellow workers and riders to delete the app until Uber pays drivers like you and me a livable wage.

Everyone — including people who work on apps like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and Instacart — should have a living wage, transparency on the job, safe conditions, and a voice in your work.

Gig corporations leave workers like you entirely on your own, grinding to make ends meet. You have to figure out the apps and their different algorithms, pay for your own gas, spend hours waiting for the next ride or batch. If you have a problem on the job, these corporations are nowhere to be found.

CEOs are making millions because of the work you do, while you are left struggling to pay the bills.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Everyone deserves to earn enough to build a good life and the freedom to have and enjoy time off the job.

These corporations can (and do) ignore individual drivers. But they can’t ignore us all.

Join with your fellow gig workers today to build the power we need to transform the gig economy so that we can enjoy the freedoms that come with safe working conditions, strong benefits and good pay.

Uber and Lyft drivers are paid so little, many have to work 70-hour weeks and sleep in their cars.

Work on an app?

Join the movement

You make millions for gig corporations. It's time you get a fair share.

Drivers and other gig workers are organizing together and winning real change. Are you in?