Gig Workers Rising is a campaign supporting and educating app and platform workers who are organizing for better wages, working conditions, and respect.

We go to airports, parking lots, online groups — wherever drivers get together and invite them to join with other drivers, making sure they know that by standing together, gig workers have the power to redefine the gig economy.

Gig Workers Rising has organized countless meetings, listening sessions, protests and actions. We supported drivers who organized a national day of action on the day of Uber’s initial public offering. We also organized a 3-day caravan from LA to Sacramento, to demand that AB5 be passed so that drivers are no longer locked out of basic worker protections and rights.

We will continue supporting drivers as they organize for the wages, protections and voice in their jobs that all working people deserve.

Uber and Lyft drivers joining together to improve their jobs.

What Drivers Want

Drivers are standing up to demand a fair return on the billions they make for Uber & Lyft:

  • Living Wage

    Uber and Lyft must pay drivers a livable hourly rate (after expenses).

  • Drivers' Union

    The freedom to join together in a recognized independent worker organization without fear of retaliation. Drivers know a union will help them negotiate the benefits and pay they deserve.

  • Benefits

    Disability, workers comp, retirement, health care, death benefits, and paid time off.

  • Transparency

    Clear policies on wages, tips, and fare breakdowns. A fair and transparent process for deactivations.